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JCH Consulting Group has an experienced team that dedicates themselves to exceptional land surveying services throughout the State of Florida and Mississippi,including Consulting Services,Land Development Surveys, Subdivision Mapping , Boundary Line Adjustments, Boundary Line Corrections, Short and Long Plats,Topographic and Boundary Surveys, Construction Stakeouts and FEMA Elevation Certifications. If you are interested in working with us, just send us an email with your name, and contact information, and the specific services that you need.

Plans of Subdivision

From conceptual plans to registered plans of subdivision, we’ll assist you with the subdivision process from application to registration. The final deliverable, being a registered plan of subdivision, is a legal document prepared by a JCH Consulting Group which, along with the survey monuments placed in the ground, define the lot dimensions and location of the survey boundaries.

Boundary Line Adjustment
A boundary line adjustment is used to adjust a boundary of two or more properties.

Boundary Line Correction
If there is a defect in legal descriptions, or if boundary lines turn out to be overlapping, JCH Consulting Group can perform a boundary line correction. A boundary line correction is an adjustment of boundaries between two or more properties.

FEMA Elevation Certificate
If a person builds on waterfront property that is designated as a flood zone, they must obtain a FEMA elevation certificate. FEMA requires you to have flood insurance. JCH Consulting Group issues many FEMA elevation certificates on existing structures.

Platting & Application
Short plats are to subdivide a lot into 2 to 4 lots. Long plats are to subdivide a lot into 5 or more plats.

Topographic Surveys
Topographic surveys provide information about a property including: elevations, above ground and below ground utilities, above ground improvements including buildings, legal boundaries, and survey monuments. In addition we may collect locations of boreholes, monitoring wells, and digitize historical as-built utility data and relate same to the property boundaries.

Boundary Surveys
JCH Consulting Group utilizes boundary surveys to survey lots and/or acreage.

Construction Stakeout

After an architect or engineer designs a building,JCH Consultign Group stakes the property, making the contractor aware of the boundaries before the structure gets built.

Legal Description Writing and Interpretation

A legal description is a written description that delineates the exact boundaries of a parcel of land.Our JCH Land Surveyor’s are trained in writing and interpreting legal descriptions and authorized to locate and determine the location of the legal description of any property in Florida and Mississippi.

Survey Monument Restoration

The restoration of lost or damaged survey monuments ensures the integrity of the survey fabric which forms the foundation for all land tenure within the State of Florida and Mississippi. Survey monuments are integral for all land development, construction projects and real estate transactions in every part of the state, by providing certainty in defining the extent of title.

We have the experience and equipment to perform accurate and complex drawings, surveys and legal descriptions. In addition, JCH Consulting Group provides one on one consulting services and legal document reviews concerning Land Disputes and other survey information.

CEO Chris Howson has built his career and company on the principles of detailed results that are  iron clad using factual and Geographically specific in nature.

Our Locations

JCH Consulting Group is available to provide in-office and over the phone consultations. From a one time project for a  single property, to a long term development contract, we are here to provide you the answers you need.


Our clientele includes individuals, land developers, utility companies, government, & professionals such as: lawyers, engineers, & architects. We assist corporations with land dealings, construction projects & land development.

JCH Consulting Group © Copyright 2015

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