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We offer a range of Land Surveying

services, all designed to help our clients achieve the best results for their projects.

Whether you're looking for a

complete development package or just a boundary survey, we have you covered. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Our firm specializes in Land Development, Surveying & Mapping, FEMA Elevation Certificates, Letters of

Map Amendments,Laser Scanning,Geographic Information  Systems (G.I.S.), and ALTA/ACSM Surveys.

JCH Consulting Group Inc. is licensed by the State of Florida and Mississippi to provide surveying and mapping

services. JCH Consulting Group Inc. was incorporated in 2006 in Marion County, FL and has over 50 years

of combined industry experience. Our experienced team provides project consulting, design services, 

surveying and engineering support  throughout the Tri-State area.

 The company President Chris J Howson, founded JCH Consulting Group Inc to meet the demands and growing 

complexities of the industry. His vision is shared by the fellow team members which drives leading solutions for 

investment groups, developers, engineers, architects, contractors, lending institutions and government agencies. 

Mr. Howson is a life long resident of Florida and  graduated from the University of Florida and holds a Degree in

Geomatics with two decades of professional experience as a  licensed Surveyor & Mapping Engineering.


The companies rapid success and key strength is contributed to an exceptional team of dedicated professionals. 

From experienced field crews to our talented office staff, JCH Consulting Group has raised the industry standards that others will follow for years to come.
We know that accuracy is non-negotiable, that’s why JCH Consulting Group Inc  

continues to invest heavily in new software and equipment advancements.

Some of our latest acquisitions include; several G.P.S. receivers featuring 

multi-channel frequencies, complete robotic field stations, hi-speed data point

collectors, stationary and portable computer systems, newly designed plotters

and engineering specific copy-print devices. We know the equipment is only

as good as the operator and all of our personnel receive updated training to keep in step with emerging

technology. Additionally, our field crews are skilled at using the companies latest equipment to ensure a seamless

process from the collection of data phase to converting the information into electronic data files used by 

our CAD technicians for producing detailed plots within the latest versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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We are always on the lookout for experienced professionals who are looking for an exciting career in the Geomatics and land Surveying industry.

If you are a dedicated, self motivated, enthusiastic individual we would love to hear from you.

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JCH Consulting Group is available to provide in-office and over the phone consultations. From a one time project for a  single property, to a long term development contract, we are here to provide you the answers you need.

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Our clientele includes individuals, land developers, utility companies, government, & professionals such as: lawyers, engineers, & architects. We assist corporations with land dealings, construction projects & land development.